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Good Work Starts With Good Clients

Something to consider from experience… You can be the best writer, web designer, or coder in the world but if your client cannot articulate the end goal then what do you really have. Put Simply: a mess, a confusing and long-winded email chain, which really doesn’t do anyone any good. Frustrating. A good final product [...]

Jumping the Line

Building vs. Burning Bridges The ability to open the right door can be the determination between success and failure. Making sure you leave a pleasant impression is often all you need to be remembered. Each time you pick up the phone or shake a new hand you are representing your brand or company. It is [...]

Start Early Or Play the Waiting Game

As the business cogs start to turn for Million Dollar Box Truck, my business partner and I have been the participants in many rounds of the waiting game. It has become obvious to me that we went about our new venture a little bit backwards. Reasonably we thought that we should wait until it was [...]

5 Quick Tips to Boost Productivity

When you productivity is based on the cooperation of another person, much is sacrificed in the way of efficiency. Luckily there are some quick tips to help us improve upon the productivity of working relationships. These tips can apply to many relationships, and they need to be implemented because we only have 24 hours a [...]

What do you want?

Utter these words and be prepared for silence. This question is one of the hardest to answer. How do we know if the path we are currently traveling is the right path for us? Using the words of Machiavelli, how many of our choices are based on the ends instead of the means? I think [...]

Do you have all the tools?

Meticulous and task-oriented, this human battles through thick and thin making crucial decisions and completing all tasks thrown his/her way. I find that the most crucial moment in the life of a task-oriented person is the point where they face a hardship that they are not prepared for. Many times in life we will face [...]

Finding Your Passion In School, Your Personal Evolution

“I think I want to be a hedge fund manager.” These were the words that led me to business school. Before the utterance of these words to my mother, I wandered through high school like many of my friends. No interesting cocktail stories of a passionate startup at the age of 18, although there were [...]

Morally Bound

The question faced by providers continually is the obligation to their customers, versus the obligation to shareholders. Torn between profits and the ability to provide quality products. Customers expect the truth from their providers in terms of service, quality, and performance. Each large corporation faces the so-called principal-agent problem of incentives; the beauty is that [...]