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Color Yourself Unique

Building a resume, reputation, or track record is the goal of any college education or summer internship. The idea that one great name on a resume is enough to propel yourself into the realm of high paid executives is a myth in this job climate. Even if the goal is just an entry position in [...]

Excuses, Excuses…

Less of a blog post more of a personal admission, one to which I’m sure you’ll relate… I may be in the minority but I love to read personal development books. So sometimes I wonder, “self, why am I not rich, famous, and (insert adjective here).” The inability to make moves. Lets be serious I [...]

Defining And Winning Arguments

As I’ve discovered the majority of the population including myself, define an argument as a loud and rowdy disagreement, less eloquently a yelling match. Great rhetoricians of old more accurately describe an argument as a debate. They do not “argue” based on emotion or feelings. They attempt to make a point using research and a [...]

Are You Outsource-able

A common theme with globalization is the outsourcing of labor. Well if it’s so obvious why do people refuse to train in professions that are outsource proof? I find it most frustrating when people know what the problem is but refuse to change the way they operate. Just as corporations will become obsolete if they [...]


The force that keeps us in place on earth has a similar effect in psychology.  I find that whenever I contemplate the plans of others one of two things can happen. The positive side is that I am inspired by the ambitions and plans of my colleagues. We are pulled, like gravity toward those shining [...]

Getting Wrapped Up in the Future

Sometimes we get so excited, so enthralled, and so consumed that we forget that we still have to perform in the present. New ideas are intoxicating, they envelope all of our senses and appeal to our imagination. With all of these great attributes what could possibly go wrong. Many things! We can get so consumed [...]


Who are you? The inspired, problem solving task destroyer or the “what can be done today can be done tomorrow” kind of person. Although most people are categorized as one or the other, I would argue that the latter just hasn’t discovered their passion. Exhibit A: One of my best friends is an average student; [...]

In Our Idle Moments

The question is efficiency. Do we work best non-stop or do breaks provide the relief we need to pursue our intellectual and business goals. The short answer is that it depends on how you’re feeling right now. Is your mind a flutter of random activity refusing to keep its focus on the task at hand? [...]

Knowing Who Matters

Life is a balancing act we all attempt to master, life vs. business as well as friendship vs. relationship. We can learn a lot from an analysis of our choices. Do we betray the trust given to us or do we embrace it and remain as loyal as a German shepherd? People trust us all [...]

The Psychology of a “Job”

Measuring the effectiveness of a worker is the business of a corporation. We are not measured by our ability or uniqueness. Only in the task we are given are we measured. There are many great and depressing metaphors for the employee, all of which we ignore for the “American Dream.” We believe that if we [...]