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Summer Syndrome

If nice weather and outdoor activities were not enough, there is also the lack of motivation facilitated by the low productivity of those around you. Unquestionably spring and summer can be some of the most distracting as well as most beautiful times of our lives. We need to find a balance between our relaxation and [...]


Who are you? The inspired, problem solving task destroyer or the “what can be done today can be done tomorrow” kind of person. Although most people are categorized as one or the other, I would argue that the latter just hasn’t discovered their passion. Exhibit A: One of my best friends is an average student; [...]

In Our Idle Moments

The question is efficiency. Do we work best non-stop or do breaks provide the relief we need to pursue our intellectual and business goals. The short answer is that it depends on how you’re feeling right now. Is your mind a flutter of random activity refusing to keep its focus on the task at hand? [...]

The Psychology of a “Job”

Measuring the effectiveness of a worker is the business of a corporation. We are not measured by our ability or uniqueness. Only in the task we are given are we measured. There are many great and depressing metaphors for the employee, all of which we ignore for the “American Dream.” We believe that if we [...]

What do you want?

Utter these words and be prepared for silence. This question is one of the hardest to answer. How do we know if the path we are currently traveling is the right path for us? Using the words of Machiavelli, how many of our choices are based on the ends instead of the means? I think [...]

Disappointment is what you make of it

Starting with a familiar occurrence, imagine a situation that has you so excited you cannot sleep, maybe a big event your planning. From my personal experience this event was a concert, put on by a group of apparently under qualified people. Promised was the chance of a lifetime, a big concert opening for a well [...]

Keep Going Hustle Like You Mean It!

We all have the ideas that can change our lives; one way my roommates keep up the motivation to fight seems crazy. When we see legendary quotes we read, maybe we tweet, but often they are forgotten. My roommates have found a way to remember and be reminded every day. Yes thats their wall, a [...]

“I Wanna Make Bank”

What is the motivation of the entrepreneur? Is it legacy, money or ego? Maybe a combination of the three, maybe it’s something inside that tells them that the status quo is no longer the right way to make a living. One of my favorite blogs, Under30CEO, tackles the issues of the young and the restless. [...]

Each Day Is A New Battle To Be Won

From the moment we awaken we are faced with choices. Should we fall back asleep or to start the day? Should we get right down to work or maybe watch some TV? Each moment there is an opportunity to make a choice. We are in control of our destinies. Choose Each day we face the [...]

Top Ten Reasons I Think I’m An Entrepreneur

Each of these attributes represents one reason, in a long list of reasons for starting your own venture or changing jobs to become an entrepreneur. These are my top ten, each day I am thankful for the ability and courage to break the mold and compete on a playing field I chose. The Top Ten [...]