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An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Barring addiction, we are all creatures of our own desires. If we desire to change, we change. If we are impassive or lazy we do not. I find that one of the most powerful attributes in business and in life is the ability to change. Adjustment and adaptation are crucial to success. Some of the [...]


Recently I experienced in one of the most breathtaking adventures of my life. A short vacation of five days can teach a lifetime of lessons especially when it comes to the art of living. Although most of us dream of a life that is carefree and devoid of regret, the reality is that each of [...]

It’s Your Life

Arguably we are all connected in one way or another depending on your chosen metaphysical belief. Thinking more along the lines of the butterfly wing beat proverb, we all have choices to make. Being freethinking creatures we all have our own path to explore and experience. Within this large breadth of existence we have the [...]

Do you have all the tools?

Meticulous and task-oriented, this human battles through thick and thin making crucial decisions and completing all tasks thrown his/her way. I find that the most crucial moment in the life of a task-oriented person is the point where they face a hardship that they are not prepared for. Many times in life we will face [...]

The Famer’s Wheelbarrow

What is the most important tool to your survival? Is it your car, your phone, maybe your house? These items are fiercely defended, often the most important tool to our financial livelihood. These coveted items give us the ability to provide for our families, the luxury of dignity and the privilege of having values and [...]

Emotions, Sabotage or Creative Catalyst?

Sabotage Out of control, a phrase that describes many instances where we don’t have the ability to make good decisions. Many times our emotions are at fault, have you ever replayed an argument back after spending a moment to collect your thoughts? Our biggest arguments or conflicts arise when we don’t have a grasp on [...]

Plan or React?

When we think of a plan we are assuming that nothing will interfere. We assume that all will go according to plan. At least that’s what the saying leads us to believe. Well from experience the ability to plan is secondary to the ability to react. Reaction is an art, part instinct part decision making. [...]

“I Wanna Make Bank”

What is the motivation of the entrepreneur? Is it legacy, money or ego? Maybe a combination of the three, maybe it’s something inside that tells them that the status quo is no longer the right way to make a living. One of my favorite blogs, Under30CEO, tackles the issues of the young and the restless. [...]

Talking to yourself is a good thing, right?

Here are some tips for a turbo-charged week that can carry you through your lifetime. Each one of these simple words can affect the way we mentally carry ourselves through the moments in life that mean the most. Each seemingly small step creates major ripples in our self-confidence; remember that when reading each point. Visualize [...]

Making the Most of Each Relationship

I felt a Valentines Day inspired post was necessary, but not romantic ranting or how to please your girlfriend because I sure haven’t mastered that. Each day is a gift and the moment you are experiencing currently is the most important moment of your life. Ok, Carpe Diem you get it. Life is a collage [...]