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The force that keeps us in place on earth has a similar effect in psychology.  I find that whenever I contemplate the plans of others one of two things can happen. The positive side is that I am inspired by the ambitions and plans of my colleagues. We are pulled, like gravity toward those shining [...]

True Character

When we prioritize others ahead of our own interests what does it show? Are we being stupid or caring? Putting others first is a very human trait, we see it all around us. The true test is what we do when our own schedules are impossibly busy. Do you find time for others or defer [...]

Getting Wrapped Up in the Future

Sometimes we get so excited, so enthralled, and so consumed that we forget that we still have to perform in the present. New ideas are intoxicating, they envelope all of our senses and appeal to our imagination. With all of these great attributes what could possibly go wrong. Many things! We can get so consumed [...]

Summer Syndrome

If nice weather and outdoor activities were not enough, there is also the lack of motivation facilitated by the low productivity of those around you. Unquestionably spring and summer can be some of the most distracting as well as most beautiful times of our lives. We need to find a balance between our relaxation and [...]


Who are you? The inspired, problem solving task destroyer or the “what can be done today can be done tomorrow” kind of person. Although most people are categorized as one or the other, I would argue that the latter just hasn’t discovered their passion. Exhibit A: One of my best friends is an average student; [...]

Positivity is the key to success

There is one place that harbors our inner secrets and securities. The mind is our greatest vault but sometimes our only cage. The mentality of success is what separates the top 1% from the rest. The ally we need most is our own confidence, without the inner voice telling us we are invincible we are [...]

Two Sides of the Same Coin

How many times are we asked if we believe that we are a leader? Do we have the qualities that are required to lead a group? Do we have the discipline to inspire others? I would counter with what is wrong with being in a support role? The differences are minimal, many support personalities have [...]

What do you want?

Utter these words and be prepared for silence. This question is one of the hardest to answer. How do we know if the path we are currently traveling is the right path for us? Using the words of Machiavelli, how many of our choices are based on the ends instead of the means? I think [...]

The End or the Journey?

Undoubtedly we all experience a multitude of situations, adventures, and people. Consequently we often take these chance happenings for granted; we become jaded, depressed or worse, apathetic. We lose sight of the truly important, should we forgo a night out to get an early start in the morning? Sure we all have to work, but [...]

Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

Open mindedness is a characteristic many believe they have but few possess. The ability to hear and understand new information and interpret it at face value is a sought after trait. It is hard for people to learn after years of similar thought patterns. We become very predictable after only a little while and if [...]