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Keepers of information, walls to progress, impassable chasms of detriment! Whichever metaphor you chose each of us has encountered a “Gatekeeper,” these people hold us back, with paperwork, egos, scheduling, anything you can imagine. A lot of problems stem from the inability to get passed these obstacles and achieve our ultimate goals. I wonder how [...]

One of a Kind Shoes for One of a Kind Women

Musa brings individual expression to every woman who has embraced the high heal. A huge market right, the possibilities are endless for this young start up. Its owner Mallory has her hands full, she is currently designing a “Signature” line, which will allow for a wider customer base. While designing and creating a supply line [...]

Enasni Clothing – Coolest brand on California Shores

Enasni clothing is an incredible line designed by Peter Zhang, it is featured in Peter’s store in La Jolla, California. Currently he as store front on Prospect St. it is beautiful, after personally visiting I agree with all of the customers when they say it is the most comfortable and stylish clothing you can buy. [...]

Work Your Way Up

Work Your Way Up Blog(link) is centered around the entrepreneurial dream of creating a company and “working your way up”, it provides inspiration through each video post centered around helping you start you day off right and pursuing your dream lifestyle, using “entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create a lifestyle you are truly passionate about” [...]

The View From the First Floor

Business Background – Mike Thoene has been helping friends and family with the whole gamut of computer problems, he is A+ certified and has never let me down. I switched to Mac and he is still helping me when I get frustrated with a programming or firmware issue. He just started a blog a little [...]