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Brian Cox About Page

Brian is an aspiring entrepreneur with goals that are far reaching in the areas of marketing, advertising, philanthropy, and real estate development. Currently he is pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Economics from Bryant University.

His passion for entrepreneurship stemmed from his mother, who is passionately preparing families for retirement through her abilities in personal financial management. She started many business ventures through her lifetime and has finally found the one that will fulfill her dreams while providing a lifestyle she loves.

Fast forward to his years at Bryant, offering both the traditional track and a group of students and faculty who passionately pursue entrepreneurship as a vehicle for personal success and happiness. All of his roommates have the drive and ambition to start personal business ventures and are currently helping each other move forward in terms of personal branding, products marketing, and soul searching.

Previous experience includes, marketing Work Your Way Up film by Patrick Sargent, Management of Hip-Hop group Instant Classics, and operational experience with Primerica and Four Seasons Landscape pertaining to corporate finance.

Brian is currently planning his next entrepreneurial venture with Patrick Sargent one of his roommates, which will begin, June 2010.

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