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Jumping the Line

Building vs. Burning Bridges

The ability to open the right door can be the determination between success and failure. Making sure you leave a pleasant impression is often all you need to be remembered. Each time you pick up the phone or shake a new hand you are representing your brand or company. It is important to remember that your personality and attitude determine much of your success. Many companies get right to the point of a relationship, Products and Sales. One way to differentiate your for-profit company is to begin with a charitable approach.

Using my company as an example we have created a business model that will create a great revenue stream, but instead of going right for the sales we have built a reputation around our business in its home town of Salem, MA delivering for local charities. This is an underrated way to build powerful relationships within your home city. Using our charity events “Witchtoberfest” and “TieDressFest” we have built relationships with many companies and political offices because of the legal requirements set by the city. Instead of going right in with our business plan we open by explaining the charitable event we are having which inevitably leads to a discussion about our main revenue stream.

Charity Events

  • Build relationships with local businesses
  • Build relationships with charity networks
  • Meet all of the important political offices

Now that we have a reputation with the city it is easy to bring events to fruition. “Jumping the line” is just what it sounds like. Instead of waiting for employees to tell managers and managers to tell owners, we just call the owners. It is easy to appreciate how much time that saves. When we push to build our main revenue stream these contacts will be invaluable and the reputation we have with these businesses almost sells our product for us.

Using technology terms, “initial adopters” are very important, right? If you have contacts with business owners that would love to support you, this group forms itself. They will champion your business and your company will become the talk of the chamber of commerce.

In terms of strategy this is easy enough to implement but maybe hosting charity events is not your cup of tea. Maybe you could get involved with local charity events. You wouldn’t be putting in all the effort but you still become part of the network and your reputation will still grow.

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