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Good Work Starts With Good Clients

Something to consider from experience…
You can be the best writer, web designer, or coder in the world but if your client cannot articulate the end goal then what do you really have. Put Simply: a mess, a confusing and long-winded email chain, which really doesn’t do anyone any good. Frustrating.
A good final product starts with a client that knows what they want:
My most recent client sent me a list of websites the night before a scheduled call. I looked at each of them and studied their capabilities and their user experiences. The next day was possibly the most productive call I’ve ever been a part of. We discussed each website, what to emulate, what to leave out and ultimately ended with a plan. I submitted 3 potential proofs, one was chosen and it was completed and online within 10 days.
A complete client fairy tail in less than 100 words. It worked so seamlessly that anyone who approaches me with a project gets the same directions. It goes something like this.
Client: Hey Brian I need a website to bring me into this decade, my company handles home roofing.
Me: That sounds great and I can build you one. Let me ask you? Do you have competitors with websites in the area?
Client: Yes of course.
Me: Could you take a moment to look at their websites and report back with things you like and didn’t like so we can have a common starting point?
Client: Sure.
It’s that easy. Now before me and said client have a huge discussion accomplishing nothing we will have some examples and a starting point from which I can build a proposal. Apply this to any working relationship. This way, before I even have to consider a proposal I have examples of exactly the site they are looking for. Most websites are not innovative like Facebook or unique like Twitter. So for something like a roofing company or a pharmaceutical you’re creating a simple and efficient user experience. Easy to use, simple to navigate and with the right steps painless to go from idea to finished product.

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