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Excuses, Excuses…

Less of a blog post more of a personal admission, one to which I’m sure you’ll relate…

I may be in the minority but I love to read personal development books. So sometimes I wonder, “self, why am I not rich, famous, and (insert adjective here).” The inability to make moves. Lets be serious I can consume hundreds of pages of personal development books, blogs and interviews. I’m sure you can as well and if these reputable sources are actually providing quality content why haven’t all of their readers become part of the 3% of millionaires or the model of perfect fitness?

Case study: Myself

I have read books like Four Hour Workweek, The Millionaire Next Door, and Rich Dad Poor Dad cover to cover. All renowned for their valuable contribution to our society, as well as the proper steps necessary to become a wealthy in whatever form that means to you. Personally, wealth is a representation of freedom; a lot of happiness can be gained when the stress of financial worry is removed from your unique equation. Now that I’ve defined a goal, financial freedom, what are the barriers? There is only one, one that I have encountered on many occasions.

Inaction: The astounding ability to create a reality to which your only goal becomes a metaphorical mountain of adversity. Where each step forward is excruciating, each hour of potential practical productivity is wasted on our favorite social network or marginally beneficial task. Each of these books listed are concise and accurate. The one I a currently reading, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, gives you a list of “actions” for a week to week improvement of your personal finances. I received the book yesterday and I’m already one quarter through. I can tell that it is pumped full of gold, almost literally in terms of sound financial advice. The question remains will I take its advice or continue to create excuses, paralyzing my finances and my goals.

Stop Reading, Start Doing

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