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Color Yourself Unique

Building a resume, reputation, or track record is the goal of any college education or summer internship. The idea that one great name on a resume is enough to propel yourself into the realm of high paid executives is a myth in this job climate. Even if the goal is just an entry position in a well-known firm, more is necessary.
When you are competing with downsized middle managers for starting positions it is the college grad with a story, not just a resume that will claim the day. This is not to say that the story must be an epic novel, each day filled with exciting adventure. More importantly each entry is unique, some way different than the other thousand applicants. Do you have a blog that you consistently contribute to? Does your online reputation reflect a positive light? What would your network say about you? All of these things an employer will likely find out if you generate enough interest.
In any position there is relevant experience. Do you have the same cookie cutter internships or did you go out and create your own with a company that “wasn’t hiring.” Do you paint yourself as a self-starter? Can you prove it? This is where the blog comes in, a constant commitment to blogging shows that you have determination and character; it also allows hassle free insight into your personality.
When working with potential clients I find that the biggest part of my reputation comes from my portfolio of work. Obvious you might say, but many people do not take the time to create a portfolio of work. Why would they? It is an unorthodox approach to many jobs but it proves that you have experience in the subject matter. The portfolio also provides a quick play-by-play of your recent projects, which make up your story!
Find ways to build out your resume, actual experiences that will make you more interesting.
1. Work for a non-profit, it’s actually pretty easy to achieve an impressive title for a college grad willing to volunteer.
2. Work for free? Anything to build that portfolio!
3. Blog your experiences.

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