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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Personal Finance Miracle

Obviously personal finance is a topic of intense interest for most of the population. So exciting it probably keeps you up at night, right? No? Me either, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. But with something so intertwined with our long-term success and personal wealth it is worth consideration. My recommendation is some light reading. [...]

Good Work Starts With Good Clients

Something to consider from experience… You can be the best writer, web designer, or coder in the world but if your client cannot articulate the end goal then what do you really have. Put Simply: a mess, a confusing and long-winded email chain, which really doesn’t do anyone any good. Frustrating. A good final product [...]

Color Yourself Unique

Building a resume, reputation, or track record is the goal of any college education or summer internship. The idea that one great name on a resume is enough to propel yourself into the realm of high paid executives is a myth in this job climate. Even if the goal is just an entry position in [...]

Excuses, Excuses…

Less of a blog post more of a personal admission, one to which I’m sure you’ll relate… I may be in the minority but I love to read personal development books. So sometimes I wonder, “self, why am I not rich, famous, and (insert adjective here).” The inability to make moves. Lets be serious I [...]

Defining And Winning Arguments

As I’ve discovered the majority of the population including myself, define an argument as a loud and rowdy disagreement, less eloquently a yelling match. Great rhetoricians of old more accurately describe an argument as a debate. They do not “argue” based on emotion or feelings. They attempt to make a point using research and a [...]