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You’re Delusional

Kitten looking in the mirror, seeing a lionContinually we converse with our other half, call it what you want but self-talk is a healthy phenomenon that we all indulge in. Whether or not you realize it we are our own best friends. Each time we consider decisions or situations, which happened or will happen we are exercising our critical thinking convention. As we explore options we speak to ourselves and weigh our options. It may seem insane to think about but in many ways we can cloud our own judgment.

Diegesis is the world which a movie or film creates. It is the world we believe in for the 120 minutes when watching movies. This world is sometimes similar to the world we create within our minds, clearly it is seen when we daydream or imagine. How many times have you reconsidered reality adjusting what happened with your own interpretation? Many times after a situation occurs we create a secondary interpretation which replaces our initial experience for reality.

This is hard to explain through words but consider a situation where your favorite crush is looking in your general direction, at first thought you think its nothing but coincidence, which it probably was. Now give it some time and maybe after a while you dilute yourself into thinking that he or she was looking at you. Now assume you’re self-conscious and assume the worst of the situation? In all actuality she was just checking the time and you were in line of sight. I hope you can extrapolate that to a situation which would force you to over think a single occurrence, which may further affect your day. Take for instance a significant business presentation. Your created reality would force you to over think your presentation assuming the worst when in reality you preformed spectacularly, or maybe the opposite, that you preformed better than you actually did.

There are some positives to these “Rose Colored Glasses”. They are defense mechanisms for our egos, they protect our often-fragile self-confidence, and without our self-talk or secondary interpretation of reality we could be easily wounded. The issue with this defense mechanism deals with our ability to adapt and grow from each situation.

The reason for this examination is to enhance the connection we have with reality. The closer we are to what actually happened the better we are prepared for the next similar situation. The further detached we become, the harder it is to make improvements for future occurrences. Monitor your thoughts and feelings once a significant situation occurs, such as the examples above, correct your secondary thoughts and refuse to create your secondary reality for the sake of your personal growth.

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