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Work Your Way Up

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Work Your Way Up Blog(link) is centered around the entrepreneurial dream of creating a company and “working your way up”, it provides inspiration through each video post centered around helping you start you day off right and pursuing your dream lifestyle, using “entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create a lifestyle you are truly passionate about”

Patrick Sargent(twitter) author of the video blog searches through videos bringing you the best motivational content on the web. As a filmmaker he has a passion for quality videos and this website allows him to find you the best in created content while showcasing his own portfolio of work.

Subscribe to his newsletter and receive his videos through your email, each email in your inbox represents and opportunity to be motivated to greatness, my favorite blog post (link) is an emotional video about running. Each time I visit the blog there is a new video pushing me to create better content, more ambitious goals and dreams, as well as contribute to the community around me.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

Through my blog I hope to inspire people to do great things, including myself. I’ve found that when searching for inspirational content I come across so many amazing people and stories that truly help me to realize what is possible. I’ve found that I do my most amazing work when I am most inspired. My ultimate hope is that whenever I post a blog post that someone will wake up in the morning, see it in there inbox, click it, watch it and by the end be either smiling, laughing or crying, maybe even all at once. In turn hopefully whatever they just saw inspires and motivates them to achieve something great!

How does your blog represent what you stand for?

I know that I feel the best when I am surrounded by friends and family, having a great time with everything I do, laughing a lot and living life to the absolute fullest. I’ve tried to build a lifestyle where I can do this often and supplement my income while doing it. Have I made it there? NO. Am I on my way? YES. Anyone who’s ever visited my blog knows that this is the environment that’s created on it.

How will you grow it in the future?

I know for sure that the blog needs some changes, definitely a new name, new layout, maybe a variety of videos and articles. To be completely honest I have to take some time to figure out how to mold the blog into everything else I’m doing, and hopefully the start of the new film will give me some insight into how to do that.

What do you foresee for Work Your Way Up Productions?

Obviously Work Your Way Up Productions is an entity through which I create my films, but it’s much more than that. Work Your Way Up Productions will always be a symbol of my ambition to Work My Way Up in life and create films based on topics I’m passionate about. I foresee “Work Your Way Up Productions Presents a film by Patrick Sargent” appearing at the beginning of each film I make to represent where I started and where I’ve come. I see nothing but growth in the future.

What are you doing now to further your brand and build a presence online and offline?

To further build my brand I’m focusing on what I’m passionate about and finding ways to create projects that truly represent who I am as a person. I’m very excited to start my next film because I know it does this. Both offline and online I’m working to build a brand which focuses on having fun while achieving great things. To further the process I’m working to create a presence online through all vehicles possible. I feel that being authentic both offline and online will be essential to my success.

Visit his blog, twitter or check out his film.

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