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Two Sides of the Same Coin

How many times are we asked if we believe that we are a leader? Do we have the qualities that are required to lead a group? Do we have the discipline to inspire others? I would counter with what is wrong with being in a support role? The differences are minimal, many support personalities have the ability to be leaders and many leaders need to fulfill the support role from time to time.

The differences between a leader and a supporter are minimal, both require extreme talent to execute their tasks properly, both require sound reasoning and abilities above and beyond the normal requirements. Normally the only difference is the title.

A lot of confusion surrounds the titles of supporter and follower, what are the differences? Both are maintained by and surround a leader but most importantly a supporter contributes to the greatness of the leader. The follower merely consumes the content created by the leader, listens and enacts their advice or life philosophy.

The main difference between the follower and the supporter is the supporter is actually needed by the leader to fulfill his or her goals. The leader has use for a supporter and although a follower is nice, it does not contribute to the success of the group or leader. The support role is often overlooked but without the support character the leader would not be nearly as efficient.

The evolution from supporter to leader is fluid, whereas the absence of an evolution from follower to leader is appreciable. We know that following great leaders does not actually accumulate to anything whereas supporting a leader will allow for a learning opportunity, promoting an evolution.

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