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True Character

Group of friends

When we prioritize others ahead of our own interests what does it show? Are we being stupid or caring? Putting others first is a very human trait, we see it all around us. The true test is what we do when our own schedules are impossibly busy. Do you find time for others or defer them. We may hypothesize that we prioritize them first as an excuse to procrastinate and push our own obligations down the road. True character in friendship is finding that unique and driven person who finds time within their busy schedule to fit in the tasks you ask of them. We don’t need to repay the favor or pay them for services rendered; they are always there to help.

Finding friends with true character is obviously not an easy task but they are easy to recognize. They are always driven, surrounded by others, and man, are they busy. But ask them for help, for a minute or an hour of their time and they’re there. Whether it is the editor of your blog posts (Patrick Sargent) who always has time for a quick read or idea no matter the deadline, or your best friend or classmate ready to commiserate with you over an upcoming assignment. Those people who have built a wealth of knowledge but are still willing to share. They are down to earth and genuinely want to see you succeed. They are rare but they do exist.

Why not surround yourself with people like this? For one thing it’s hard! I’ve found one sure fire way to attract these people. Be one yourself! Find time for others and you will attract these unique souls who are so willing to participate in your success. Develop your own true character; stand out as the person who has time for others and you will become the one with true character.

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