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Top Ten Reasons I Think I’m An Entrepreneur

Business Plan

Each of these attributes represents one reason, in a long list of reasons for starting your own venture or changing jobs to become an entrepreneur. These are my top ten, each day I am thankful for the ability and courage to break the mold and compete on a playing field I chose.

The Top Ten

  1. I can’t sleep because I’m infatuated with my newest venture
  2. I love planning and implementing my own ideas, big or small
  3. I am organized and meticulous once I get behind a project
  4. I hate the idea of a boss
  5. I love my own rigorous schedule
  6. I have an eccentric and infectious personality
  7. I love describing my business plans to anyone who will listen
  8. I actively create ventures that solve peoples current problems
  9. I work hardest when the task is self-assigned

10.  Wealth is created through smart work not necessarily hard work

Why are you an entrepreneur? What wakes you up, out of a deep sleep and sets you into motion? Maybe you would rather work in the corporate world, why do you do that? Share in the comments.

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