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Do you have all the tools?

Tools of the trade

Meticulous and task-oriented, this human battles through thick and thin making crucial decisions and completing all tasks thrown his/her way. I find that the most crucial moment in the life of a task-oriented person is the point where they face a hardship that they are not prepared for. Many times in life we will face a great challenge without the tools we need for success. These trials require a different side of the task-oriented champion. I know that within each of us is the ability to adapt to the most adverse conditions.

Insurmountable is a word that many entrepreneurs don’t know the meaning of, we see what we know is possible and charge. When the unstoppable force meets the immovable object we often charge repeatedly. One such occasion was when a client I knew needed my help but refused to see my reason; I tried repeatedly as stated to no avail. With this client on my mind I decided that I should table that issue and help one of their friends I knew I could reach. With the completion of that task the client’s friend helped me reach my initial client. I adapted to the situation and found a strategic way to reach the client I initially wished to help. Although this isn’t a complex example, in the eyes of my client I lacked the tools needed to be worthy of their business. After reaching out to one of their acquaintances I proved myself and gained the tools for entry.

Our greatest hardships are caused by circumstances that force us to use tools we do not already posses. Adapting to these requirements is not an easy task but it is necessary for our survival as well as our personal progression. Without these challenges we would become one dimensional or vulnerable. These tasks represent opportunities to gain the upper hand on our competition. He who adapts fastest will always succeed.

Missing the tools for success is often a crippling experience, as entrepreneurs we often count on ourselves to provide the fuel for growth. Why not in this experience? We have all the resources to learn at our fingertips. I’ve found that with the help of my laptop there is no question I could not answer.

Natural selection is the process by which we became the dominant species. We continue to evolve, maybe not physically but within our competitive business environment each business and leader needs to find ways to pursue that top spot on the food chain. Adaptation is the method to our success; use all of your resources to continue to stay relevant. Ask your clients, peers, and the authorities in your field. Each source will provide its own perspective on the subject allowing another opportunity to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

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