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The Risks of Pride

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My business partner reminded me of the hazards of being prideful. Many situations create the environment to be prideful but the reality is many people do not intend to bruise your pride when they make decisions or forget a phone call. They don’t intend to create an enemy or cause you to over think the situation you may be currently in. We’ve made a pact to set aside our pride and instead take the most effective path possible.

Maybe we will have to be the pest and continually call instead of wait weeks for one answer. One of the biggest roadblocks to progress is the pride involved in the return phone call. Whether the reason for not calling back is forgetfulness or a decision not to, we have to be able to set aside our pride and call again. We feel like were being a pest, or we feel like they are neglecting us, neither of these feelings are good ones. Once we decide something needs to be done we should be willing to be relentless in the pursuit of progress. Relentlessness is a word that inspires while filling us with purpose and drive; it also doesn’t apply in the next situation of pride.

While the previous example could be solved with some persistence this roadblock is silent but requires one delicate interaction. The apology is one of the biggest instigators of awkwardness as well as hinders team cohesiveness. We are often so prideful that an apology is nearly impossible; both parties think they are right or one party is so shameful they never come forward. This presents another opportunity to overcome pride and reignite your once symbiotic relationship. Realizing your offence and correcting it with a genuine apology requires an evolved mind, one that understands the feelings of others as well as the terms of a successful working relationship.

Find ways to overcome the hazards of a prideful life. Remember there is a time and place for everything. In business and sometimes in life with profit, success and reputation on the line, pride should be the least of your worries.

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