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The Psychology of a “Job”

Measuring the effectiveness of a worker is the business of a corporation. We are not measured by our ability or uniqueness. Only in the task we are given are we measured.

There are many great and depressing metaphors for the employee, all of which we ignore for the “American Dream.” We believe that if we work hard and long we can all have what we desire. The only problem with this is that the loyalty you share for your company, it does not reciprocate. We are all emotionally on guard especially with an economic climate such as this. I have seen this disloyalty firsthand; the problems we’ve faced are not unique lightning strikes but a disheartening commonality. What is the result of these events? We learn that changing careers frequently is normal, the job search is a part of life and we will never have the opportunity to be comfortable in a position.

Especially in this economy we are emotionally battered, new graduates have no company to call theirs and seasoned employees are turning their efforts to resume writing and job searching, something they thought they were past. Preparing for a round of layoffs or a restructuring is something all employees have lost sleep over. It is not surprising that a majority of employees are unsatisfied, unhappy and depressed. We are farming a society of drones, humans on autopilot. We are only allowed fleeting moments of happiness, those few weeks of vacation or the misused sick days. There is never a sense of freedom, freewill or lighthearted carefree mentality. We are always obligated to another, our group, our boss, or our corporation. I want to be obligated only to my family, my goals and myself.

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