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Getting Wrapped Up in the Future

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Sometimes we get so excited, so enthralled, and so consumed that we forget that we still have to perform in the present. New ideas are intoxicating, they envelope all of our senses and appeal to our imagination. With all of these great attributes what could possibly go wrong. Many things! We can get so consumed with our fantasy of success we never make the first move or decision. Remember the “Inches” speech in Any Given Sunday?

Life is the six inches in front of your face

Embracing this tradition leads to the choices which make success possible. The epic and miniscule decisions which build momentum and progress. You may have the best goal structure ever conceived but if the construction of that structure hinders you from making moves toward the next check point or finish line what is the point? Often it isn’t the idea men who drive our success but the task oriented and organized managers that focus on the little details that push our ventures forward an inch. Many preach living in the moment, but in the business sense it is most crucial. Executing the small often tedious tasks produce some of the most powerful results. Everyone should be a contributor to the main goal or dream of an idea but each member should remain focused on the little tasks they are given to keep the wheels of progress turning.

Know when to daydream and when to perform. Everyone wants to work on the big projects, the big accounts, or the big decisions. We often undermine the actions taken minute to minute that help us fulfill our daydreams and fantasies.

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