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The Famer’s Wheelbarrow

Picture of a red wheelbarrow

What is the most important tool to your survival? Is it your car, your phone, maybe your house? These items are fiercely defended, often the most important tool to our financial livelihood. These coveted items give us the ability to provide for our families, the luxury of dignity and the privilege of having values and morals.

Discovering What Matters

We all strive to provide for our families, and ourselves. Knowing what is most important is an ability that most take for granted. We rely on our instincts in the hope that our reactions are the best possible decisions. When we prioritize, we actively think of the most important things in our lives. What is the one thing you would protect above all others? It seems like an easy question, consider the circumstances, would you place your family first, maybe your values. What if you were a farmer, and your livelihood was dependant on one wheelbarrow. Although this doesn’t apply to many people, as a metaphor it applies to all of us. Without that wheelbarrow everything else fades away. He cannot provide for his family, he cannot tend to his land or make money. You would think that he would defend his family, and if they were threatened he would. But what if you threatened the wheelbarrow. He would fight for that just as fiercely. Find what is most important to your livelihood and fight for it fiercely. Without it everything fades away.

Protect What Matters

Once we have found our most important asset or ability we need to find the best way to protect it. I have found a few ways that I will share that have kept my own insecurities as well as my most coveted items safe.

Disguise your weakness – Know your own weaknesses, don’t let enemies or opponents exploit you. Once they know your cracking point they will win and take the item you work to protect. Whether that’s your business or your wheelbarrow, you will not be able to provide for the ones you love.

Remember your values ­– Each time we reinforce our values we create a stronger fortress to command from. When overseeing the battlefield that is the competitive market, the use of our morals and values come into play subconsciously. When faced with opportunity or obstacle our choices are shaped by our values, make the right choice! Remember what you stand for.

Keep those phones close – I mean literally. The items that grease the wheels of our business are more vital than you think. Our laptops and cell phones remain the biggest part of our networks. We need these items to contact our families, clients and colleagues. Protect your wheelbarrow. These items represent the literal translation of the wheelbarrow in the metaphor.

Find the rock on which you build your house. Once you learn of its existence, protect and nurture it with all of your abilities because you will realize that once it is threatened or taken you will realize how vital it was in the first place.

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