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The End or the Journey?

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Undoubtedly we all experience a multitude of situations, adventures, and people. Consequently we often take these chance happenings for granted; we become jaded, depressed or worse, apathetic. We lose sight of the truly important, should we forgo a night out to get an early start in the morning? Sure we all have to work, but is that work worth the missed opportunities with friends, families or adventure? We have all heard the term carpe diem but few truly embrace the meaning,

The People

We are all presented with countless opportunities to meet and learn about new people. These situations are not always welcomed with open arms. Often we are so involved with our own clicks that we refuse to believe that a new group is worth knowing. We often antagonize each other and create hostile environments. We should embrace a moment of introduction and get to know each other, in order to be able to build relationships and a fruitful network. Each person we come across represents an entirely different take on our reality, we can learn and enrich our lives, and after all we are social creatures.

The Adventures

Should we turn down the prospect of exciting invitations due to the fact we’re focused on the end of our journey? How many times have we said we are too busy to go out, to be spontaneous? I find that some of the most important people in my social circle are the ones who instigate spontaneity, the wild child who always has a crazy plan.

The Memories

We live in an age of unprecedented documentation, everything is recorded, and nothing is forgotten. Every picture is tagged, each feeling cataloged, and each location is recorded. Why not make the most detailed and interesting story possible. Many times we are forced to pass on a potentially life enriching adventure or introduction. Find creative ways to make time for the most memorable parts of our lives. We won’t remember the 250th report we wrote for our companies but we will remember that great weekend with our friends.

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