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Talking to yourself is a good thing, right?

The thinking man

Here are some tips for a turbo-charged week that can carry you through your lifetime. Each one of these simple words can affect the way we mentally carry ourselves through the moments in life that mean the most. Each seemingly small step creates major ripples in our self-confidence; remember that when reading each point.


Mentally prepare yourself before the act, envision the task complete in its finest form. Each time an event comes along, it is an opportunity to perform at your best. By visualizing the end result you prepare yourself for the coming success.

Build yourself up

Find the noun that describes you, something like writer or actor, better yet public speaker. Repeat to yourself:

I am the most charismatic public speaker ever.

Each time you reinforce that sentence with purpose and feeling you construct an evolved form of yourself which you will come to embody.

Break down your mental barriers

Each time you feel negative or think negative it affects your performance. Don’t psych yourself out. We are in control of our conscious minds; each time we think negatively about ourselves we become our own worst enemy. No matter the level of competition we should be our own cheerleaders.


Keep the motivation for your actions in the forefront of your mind. Remember why you work hard; remember your family, your goals, and your dreams. Realize that each step you take is another step closer to your dreams.


Learn to accept complements gracefully and use their power to fuel your growth. There is nothing wrong with being humble, but when a genuine complement comes along embrace it. Repeat it to yourself and remember it when you need a confidence boost.


Destructive criticism should be forgotten quickly, they are just jealous. Constructive criticism should be acted upon immediately. Some times people just want to tear you down, don’t let them in your head. Block them out like an offensive lineman. On the other hand, never ignore criticism meant to spur growth and development.

The Total Package

Becoming mentally well rounded is a journey that may take an entire lifetime. These points are important pieces of a puzzle, this is not all encompassing, and every person is unique. Working towards mental completeness is a goal we all have. Use your mental abilities to fuel your own growth.

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