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Summer Syndrome

Summer in Greece

If nice weather and outdoor activities were not enough, there is also the lack of motivation facilitated by the low productivity of those around you. Unquestionably spring and summer can be some of the most distracting as well as most beautiful times of our lives. We need to find a balance between our relaxation and our ambitions. Why not start with your schedule.

I find it much easier to work while the distracting sun is preoccupied with the other side of the planet. It’s easy to focus at 1 am when no one is awake to disturb you. Too late for your liking? What about early morning? I realize that at these times our bodies are either exhausted from the day, or foggy from sleep. I support my habits by starting my work session with a workout. Physical activity is proven to provide energy. Usually it is enough to get me through my work period. I understand that not everything can be accomplished during these odd hours but if you can accomplish 3-4 hours of work at these times, that’s an extra 3-4 hours in the beautiful weather.

Obviously most people do not want to schedule meetings at these awkward hours in the early morning or late evening. Why not use the power of the Internet and schedule a remote meeting, enjoy the weather and work outside. Lets face it, connectivity is everywhere and our laptops challenge us to be productive anywhere. I’ve written while in cars, in parks, or at the hotel pool. We can accomplish everything we need to where ever we can find an Internet connection. Make your next step an adventure to find a remote Wi-Fi connection to utilize.

Summer syndrome as I affectionately call it is easily defeated by determination, but who has that? Find ways to trick yourself into working with summer instead of against it. Be happy and work effectively, embrace summer syndrome and find away to get outside for that dose of Vitamin D.

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