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Speak Your Mind! It Saves Time

Two People Talking


Use your words, the most basic and obvious form of communication. Don’t be subtle with hints, don’t talk behind peoples back, get right to the point and solve your problems.

An honest explanation and heartfelt confrontation is much better than a drawn out miserable excuse for a relationship. This applies to any correspondence you may have in your life. People are so set on sparing feelings that nothing gets accomplished, I’ve found that when you consider some ones habits, honestly with that person they are relieved someone has told them. You have found a way to improve their character. Chances are that you are not the only person that finds their actions debilitating.

Weigh your options, deal with the transgression indefinitely or solve the problem with an admittedly difficult conversation. If you haven’t removed these people from your lives with my previous tip about negative influences, you must be either A: stuck with them or B: you care about them. Either situation there is a need for honesty in any relationship, the more you hide the more you hurt. You may not be affecting the person intentionally but the relationship is suffering. With your conversation comes personal growth, learn from each other, the environment you create is in your hands. Do you live in a closed, hushed circle, or are you loud, and honest. The latter is the option you want!

The Approach…

Just as Steve Erwin stalked the great alligator, you must take care not to put them on the defensive, the last thing you want is a huge confrontation. This is supposed to be nurturing, don’t be condescending, or childish. This should be a mature conversation between adults. Let them know your concerns and speak your mind, and if the relationship isn’t going to last, find out now instead of dragging it out.

He’s A Jerk!

Its true that men are often terrible at receiving criticism, we have to look after our egos after all! When you confront someone they may refuse to take your advice as criticism, they may see it as an attack. They may just be a jerk, or unwilling to change for you.

Being the honorable and honest person, you should take the higher ground and like Gandhi G turn the other cheek, or find a way to remove them from your life.


You have helped them grow and maybe learned some things about yourself you didn’t know, maybe you have some bothersome habits, which disrupt productivity. Humans are creatures based on interaction, the better your interaction the more pleasure derived from life. That’s my goal… pleasure… ok that was creepy but you get the point.

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