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Shout Your Message!

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Everyone has a story to tell right? So there must be a lot of static over the airwaves, how will you make your message stand out? How can you get others to relay the message, champion your cause?


Being new to the game has lead to the exploration of the community of bloggers recommended to me by other twitter users. I’ve found a wealth of information created by intelligent individuals, which they provide for free. Its easy to figure out why this information is free, each blogger is most likely trying to create a name for themselves on the internet, and in the business world. So how do you get the to champion your message or your personal brand? One of the most successful methods I’ve found is the use of their own messages to bring them around to you!

From experience you know that each time someone talks about you personally, there is a psychological obligation to explore his or her own online profile. This may be their Facebook, Twitter, or blog. The reasoning behind the exploration is the need to figure out why this person would champion your idea. I’ve personally found many ideas and blog posts I have retweeted or championed for another, even with no ties with that person, often a thank you is sent back. Once you create that initial connection a relationship is easy if you pursue it. The ability to champion another’s idea is easy to execute as well as effective in the ability to create traffic and soldiers for your cause.

In a world with billions of voices the ability to make your idea viral is key to the creation of a tidal wave of voices shouting your message.

Coordination is the key, making a small wave is not the goal. You have to have all of your outlets working together. An example would be that your WordPress account notifies your Twitter, which notifies your Facebook. That way you can create a movement that will go across all of your available outlets. Using your blogger relationships you can create circles where people with influence online will retweet all of your posts and create traffic for you. Orchestrating a web of outlets allows for increased efficiency and further ability to create relationships with other bloggers expanding your community. As you build your circle of retweeters each of your blog posts could eventyoually reach thousands of readers.

Create new content, please your readers. Champion others ideas ad posts and build your tidal wave.

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