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Making the Most of Each Relationship

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I felt a Valentines Day inspired post was necessary, but not romantic ranting or how to please your girlfriend because I sure haven’t mastered that. Each day is a gift and the moment you are experiencing currently is the most important moment of your life. Ok, Carpe Diem you get it. Life is a collage of the people who mean most, the people who love you and the people that you love.

All the little things that may seem trivial like a phone call or an email really solidify your relationship with someone. Each time we reach out, we show them that we care. With a finite number of days on the earth it is never to early or to late to start reaching out. Every time you forget a phone call or an occasion to be present in the moment you miss an opportunity to show others that they are important to you. Think of the ways you can reach out today, don’t let your relationships take a back seat.

In the end were all dead men, but as that saying goes we are alive now, and in this moment we are given the chance to leave a lasting legacy. Each of us has a network buzzing with activity, family, friends, and coworkers. We are social creatures; life and love should be shared.

Now that I sound like a hippy, lets brainstorm some ways to share the love. I am a huge fan of making lists so, enjoy!

Idea 1: When one of your favorite people pops into your head, send a text. Simple, easy and that shows that you were thinking of them.

Idea 2: Give that person a call? I know it’s a lot of work but those anytime minutes have to go somewhere.

Idea 3: Facebook offers the reconnect suggestions, listen to Facebook, it compels us. Send a message or write on their wall

Idea 4: Find fun reasons to get together. Go out to eat, check out the newest bar in town. Explore your city together.

Idea 5: Party like you’re in college, students are the ultimate “networkers,” late night networking events let you meet and reconnect after a week of hard “studying.” Have a party with your closest friends to reach out, commiserate and generally have a good time.

Keep these suggestions in mind, and leave your own thoughts in the comments, we all need to reach out. Think like the hippies, they had a couple things right.

Looking for an emotional music video? We Are The World 25 for Haiti

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