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Positivity is the key to success

There is one place that harbors our inner secrets and securities. The mind is our greatest vault but sometimes our only cage. The mentality of success is what separates the top 1% from the rest. The ally we need most is our own confidence, without the inner voice telling us we are invincible we are left to the commentary of those around us for better or worse.

Not only can we focus on the negatives surrounding our mental self-talk but the positives as well. Constantly eroding our defenses is the voice of insecurity. Each phrase threatening to crack the façade we display each day to our peers. Always we are hiding some facet of our lives, we are hoping that others won’t notice some physical or character flaw. Each of these considerations is more effort than they are worth. Although people tend to notice these flaws, the attempt to hide them is often more distracting. Leave these insecurities behind along with the negativity. We are often our own worst enemies; we all need to make a move toward positivity.

Building upon our unique personalities, a positive mindset creates a mental environment which facilitates our own success. We unconsciously build upon our existing physical and character flaws to create a unique and confident person. The question of success is often a matter of our own positivity and belief in our own ability. Often it is not the person who works the hardest, but the person who believes and visualizes their success. Surrounding us are examples of success based on hard work, a positive mindset and the visualization of success.

Ego is one of our most powerful defensive and offensive weapons protecting and facilitating our success. We need it as much as we need the knowledge and critical thinking we draw our conclusions from. Use your ego and positive mindset to facilitate your success, remember the first key to your success is your own positive belief in your ability.

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