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Plan or React?

Football game plan

When we think of a plan we are assuming that nothing will interfere. We assume that all will go according to plan. At least that’s what the saying leads us to believe. Well from experience the ability to plan is secondary to the ability to react.

Reaction is an art, part instinct part decision making. If a company found a resume that outlined a person who’s best attribute was making the right decisions during unforeseen circumstances they would be a priceless asset, not to mention instantly hired. So often in college we are taught the ability to plan. Over and over we estimate scenarios and probabilities. Most times we are not pressured to make rational decisions during times of crisis. Whatever profession we find ourselves in, we need to evolve just as rapidly as our environment. Even within our personal lives, the ability to adapt to rapid change is the same factor that has allowed our race to survive for thousands of years. The application to the business world is just as important.

The Proof

Does your resume say that you have extensive time behind a desk or does it portray a powerful leader with a brain built for sound decision-making? Find a way to convey your talents. Our ability to plan comes secondary to our ability to react. Once we find a way to show the world our true strength in leadership we can then begin to change the world or at least our own little bubble.

Experience in combat

Accepting responsibility is the first way we learn to react after we set a plan. Always leaving it up to others does nothing but make them look good for your hard work. Being a solid team member is always a good attribute but being a well-rounded leader is a much more attractive one. Once we realize our strengths anyone can become a leader, it is always a matter of delegation. So get out there and take responsibility, find situations that will teach you the ability to react and read situations. Get involved with your college groups, work projects, or a non-profit. We all have insecurities but our gut instinct is the same feeling that kept our ancestors alive. Embracing our reactions to situations is the best way to make the right adjustment or quick decision. When we find ourselves in the planning stage remember that it is not concrete, make plans flexible and durable to change.

Ideas for your consideration:

  1. Find a non-profit and volunteer
  2. Become an important member of a group
  3. Lead a project at work
  4. Build relationships that will reveal opportunities to consult
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