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Perspective, The Most Powerful Jedi Mind Trick

Mount Everest

At each moment in life we look at our situation from one perspective, rarely, we look at our problems or successes from another. We are presented with “problems” each must be solved, all have some varying level of importance to us. We all know the natural progression, we are introduced to a circumstance, we prioritize based on importance, then solve in the order that our “problems” our listed.

As each person chooses to solve their problems, they change the list of problems; maybe affect each other problem that lies after it. Ask yourself what is on my plate for today? Focus on what must get done for this moment to be the best possible moment it can be. Live in that moment, and see the world as your oyster. There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you reel in your perception and focus on what matters, now.

Each of us is presented with “problems” why not see them as unique challenges, unique opportunities to let our light shine. Your problem is not nearly as bad as the next persons, it seems this is a reoccurring theme, why not solve these “opportunities” with the intention of turning them into triumph. It is important to be undaunted by “opportunities” look upon them with favor, you are the only one with this opportunity to shine.

Change the way you look at the situations, perceptions is one of the most powerful abilities of the mind. The consistently positive will attract good fortune because the mind attracts what you subconsciously think about. If you look upon “opportunities” with favor they will continue to come up in your life allowing you to grow and learn from each experience. This requires the ability to silence the negatives and shout the positives. Why not? Don’t dwell on the circumstances that bring us down. Take those circumstances and turn them on their head. Problems equal Opportunities, Gatekeepers equal New Friends, and each Challenge equals a Future Success Storie.

Live each day in the moment, take every negative and find a positive spin, repeat and live the dream. Look on each negative as an opportunity for greatness.

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