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Picture of a Fork in the RoadThis post is focused toward the crowd I help populate, the graduating seniors, high school or college. The possibilities before you are endless, the weight of your decisions hangs heavily over your head, making the right choice keeps you from sleep.

A message from all of the fighters I have had the pleasure of training with, tells me that whatever position you find yourself in, there is always a way to gain the upper hand. The meaning behind the metaphor is not that you must make the best of a poor situation; it highlights the fact that you can always make a decision for the better. You must always be willing to change your trajectory in life. Why follow a path that you’re not passionate about? Why? The most perfect question, when you ask yourself why are you doing this, do you smile at the answer or create the perfect excuse? From the standpoint of a graduating senior you ask, why this path, why this job? Is it for you? Your Parents? Your friends?

The message is not to question your reasoning for the decisions you’ve already made, the key is not to panic, the one thing that keeps humans from being the rational, option weighing beings that we are, panic. Whether or not your choosing your job or your college you must always be willing to change your position. There is no situation besides jail time that is so binding that we have no way to change our trajectory. Focus on your passion and ask yourself if you really want to live your dream life. The answer should be the most powerful “YES” you can create, you should be willing to change anything about your current lifestyle. Your job, style, friends, school, activities are all a matter of choice, are you making the right choices?

When you find yourself at work, school, or the commute is there something that you daydream about often enough to be considered a habit. Is that the life you would rather be living? What is stopping you? The paycheck, the cushy lifestyle? All those things are meaningless if you are unhappy.

Consider Fight Club, widely known as one of the most manly movies ever, they even include in a ripped and deadly form of Brad Pitt for the ladies. Great, but the message behind that movie is profound, there will always be those moments in life of perfect understanding. We are in control of our destinies; Tyler Durdan was created to facilitate the change in the narrator’s life. Hopefully you will never find yourself so repressed that you need an alter ego to solve your problems but consider some examples from life.

We all talk to ourselves, imagine what could be, say what we “should” have done. The creation of a situation that happened, as it should is like the fabrication of the life we should be living. Don’t take this the wrong way, in not saying go out and cause havoc if that’s what you feel, find the motivation to make a change for the better in a life that you find mediocre.

Pressure gets to us all, decisions no matter the size can cause anxiety; remember that you can always change your position. Find motivation, energy, and focus; renounce anything in your life that your are not pleased with and follow your dreams to greatness.

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