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Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

Open mindedness is a characteristic many believe they have but few possess. The ability to hear and understand new information and interpret it at face value is a sought after trait. It is hard for people to learn after years of similar thought patterns. We become very predictable after only a little while and if you are not conditioned to think openly then you will continue to be closed-minded.

Considering other posts I’ve made before, the key to this and many sought after conscious traits is the monitoring of your internal monologue, or the dialog you have with yourself. Some quick tips for a lazy Sunday:

  • When you are presented with a new idea or new information, don’t pass judgment right away.
  • Consider each side of the argument or all pieces of the new theory.
  • Keep your previous beliefs or theories from clouding your judgment.
  • If you know something controversial is coming, clear your mind before you hear it.
  • Push initial negative thoughts away.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the other view point.

An open mind is one that is ready to improve and grow. We only grow from new ideas or opposing viewpoints, they cause us to think in a manner that uses our higher brain functions as well as tests our abilities to aggregate and make connections. Personal growth and evolution should be a primary goal for everyone and an open mind is of utmost importance.

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