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One of a Kind Shoes for One of a Kind Women

Musa Custom Shoes

Musa brings individual expression to every woman who has embraced the high heal. A huge market right, the possibilities are endless for this young start up. Its owner Mallory has her hands full, she is currently designing a “Signature” line, which will allow for a wider customer base. While designing and creating a supply line Mallory also fills custom orders for shoes tailored to the owner’s style. How is this accomplished? Hand-painted, one of a kind creations. Her skills in art and design allow Mallory to create a pair of shoes for any style for the ultimate in exclusivity.

Would you say that a business degree is necessary to success?

Custom Shoes - Skull DesignsI always joke around and say that I have no idea why I went to school for marketing when I should have gone for art. But I definitely think that having a business education is extremely important in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Although I am constantly learning and growing as a business owner, I don’t think that I would be where I am if I hadn’t gotten a business degree.  You could have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t know how to properly manage your finances, market your product, manage your customers, etc. then you won’t be able to succeed or grow as a business.  I consider my talent as 20 percent of my success so far and 80 percent of my success is from my business knowledge.

In a recession have you seen problems with charging a premium price? If you have, how have you dealt with them?

Musa Custom ShoesI do think that charging a premium price has been an obstacle for me.  To date, I’ve only been taking custom orders which are more expensive.  I think this has been hindering my growth as a business.  This is one reason why I have decided to buy my own Musa-branded shoes and create my Musa Signature Looks which are less expensive than a custom order.  With the Signature Looks I’ll be able to have a wider range of price points so more people can afford a special pair of shoes especially in these difficult times.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered? How did you get around it?

Fortunately, I haven’t had any major obstacles so far. Other than the challenge of price, I think finding a manufacturer to produce my Musa-branded shoes has been my biggest obstacle.  It has taken me about 3 months to find a manufacturer that has what I need and I am comfortable working with.  However, I have learned that when you are faced with an obstacle to be patient and keep in mind that not everything is going to go as planned.  I stayed patient and determined to find the best manufacturer that I could and I have now found an amazing company that I am really comfortable working with.

What is the biggest success you’ve had? How did it come about?

Musa Custom ShoesI don’t think I can pick just one!  Every step that has helped me progress and grow feels like the biggest accomplishment!

I would say that along with finding a manufacturer, one of the biggest successes I’ve had is probably the sale of my first pair of custom shoes.  My brother has been really great with promoting Musa to his friends and my first custom order came from one of his really good friends.  He loves to call himself my unofficial sales force!

If you could share one tip with entrepreneurs just getting started, what would it be?

Be patient but persistent!  This has practically become my daily mantra that I tell myself.  You can plan all you want but you have to know that unexpected issues and delays come up and you must take these as you come.  Nothing is going to happen overnight.  Start-up can be very stressful so I think it is important to let aspiring entrepreneurs know that patience is key to not going insane during the start-up process!

Connect With Mallory, or order some shoes!

Musa’s Official Site and Blog:Musa Offical Site

Musa on Twitter:Musa on Twitter

Musa on Facebook:Musa on Facebook

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