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One Man Show

Man wearing many hats

A powerful leader is one who can take the shape of any player on a team. They may not be the best but often times in small companies the person who is most flexible is the most valuable. Leadership requires sound decision-making skills along with the irreplaceable ability to adapt. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but sometimes delegation is not always available.

The Creative GeniusOne piece of the puzzle that handles all of the artistic aspects of a business, marketing plans as well as the ability to engage customers through different programs or directives. These are the people who manage your website, create your proposals, and define your sales materials.

The General – Overseeing the battlefield he makes decisions and creates strategies for each opportunity. Electing the most appropriate team member for the task to be done. This person is usually swamped with questions from his team, constantly making choices that will ultimately determine the fate of the company.

The Assistant – Carefully listening at all times, the veritable grease in a well oil machine. Without this person many tasks would fall by the way side, never reach their intended destination or just be forgotten. This person acts as a liaison between groups as well as a general problem solver.

Leadership comes with many hazards and the compilation of all these talents is always required. Entrepreneurship comes with many obstacles that need immediate attention. Reaction is just as crucial as the talents to back it up.

Speed and Efficiency

This is the part of the tour outlining ways to manage your tasks effectively. First and foremost, whatever your strong suit be it creativity or strategy, make sure these tasks are accomplished first. Use all of your effort to complete these tasks swiftly so that you may devote the rest of your time to the tasks which will require you to step out of your comfort zone. We downplay the necessity of accomplishing tasks swiftly because of our mentally overstated abilities in the area in question. Prioritizing these tasks first will make the available time we have better spent.

Building Your Talent Pool

Outsourcing isn’t always available, in times of need leaders evolve and rise to the challenge. Every one of your talents started in some stage of development, we all learn to use the tools we need to survive. Each time a task arises we should learn quickly to the point where the task can be completed, then move on. Simple right? Well the problem is that many people agonize over the issue instead of taking action. They put off the inevitable. Bite that bullet, and finish your work.

Lead or Follow?

Building your skill pool is the best way to become more valuable. Leaders need to realize they are leaders, at some point we are all followers, the time to evolve is now, you have the skills to become a leader. We all need to realize that.

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