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Manage Your Mood

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In many way humans are susceptible to the outward forces of the world. Our experience is dictated by the way events unfold, right? Wrong, many human habits which our under our control have huge impacts on our moods. Since the goal is lifestyle by design, we are bent on designing a happy life. Monitoring your thoughts is only one way, which allows you to provide a positive atmosphere. What about your outward appearance?

Smile! (the article)

Based on an article published in the New York Times the theory of emotion is in question. We are the captains of our soul, as the Henly poem goes, we dictate the mood we are in. Just as stated in many personal development books our mood is of every importance to success. From this article we learn that our emotions are dictated by the expressions we wear on our face.

The Secret, urges us to “smile at every creature we meet,” this alone would improve our mood based on the theory. Why not embrace this habit, ask yourself how many people smile at you when you pass, I bet not many. Be the change in the world, smile at everyone, its hard to be upset or angry with someone who smiles at you for no reason. It is disarming and a charming trait to have, plus it puts you in a better mood.

Apparently the key to this, is the ability for the muscles in our face to control the temperature of the blood in the brain, very cool. By smiling you are tensing certain muscles, which cool the blood in the brain surrounding the hypothalamus making you, feel the expression you are making. In the predictably opposite affect frowning or other expressions also adjust the blood temperature, making your hypothalamus adjust as well. Change your habits, smile wide, smile often.

On the receiving end spending time with people who smile often tends to improve your mood as well. The brain analyses the face for subconscious indicators of mood. These are tiny muscle movements. We don’t realize we do it, but consider a long time friend, without obvious cues we can ascertain their mood; we know exactly what they are feeling, we could make some good guesses as to what is causing the emotion as well. Friends that smile often will, in general, have a positive affinity; this will affect your mood in a more positive sense than friends with negative affinities. Surround yourself with happy friends and live a happier life, together.

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