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“I Wanna Make Bank”

the founding fathers

What is the motivation of the entrepreneur? Is it legacy, money or ego? Maybe a combination of the three, maybe it’s something inside that tells them that the status quo is no longer the right way to make a living. One of my favorite blogs, Under30CEO, tackles the issues of the young and the restless. It focuses on the people who are willing to risk it all, make good choices and lead a life they are passionate about. Is money the only reason the entrepreneur exists?

I question my motives everyday; it is a part of self-analysis that I find particularly rewarding. Every time we look in the mirror and ask ourselves the hard questions you put yourself in the position to learn from your past experiences as well as understand the psychology behind the decisions you make. Will you devote the time it takes to become your own master? If we are ultimately driven by instinct or impulse what makes us higher than the rest of the animal kingdom?

All these questions come with unique answers; each person must decide that they are worth analysis. Each of us has the power to make the best decisions with the information present. The entrepreneur is one of the most respected business figures in America. We worship them, we envy them, and we uplift them. Why wouldn’t we, they are the independent few willing to risk their futures on an idea they believe in.


Your ego is your biggest asset or your biggest flaw? It can give you confidence in nerve-wracking situations or be the catalyst for disaster when you come off like a snob. Make sure the former is the end result, everyone has an ego, and it is the root of our self-confidence. Be certain your ego is working for you and not against you.


Monetary motivation may take you to the top, but if it is all you focus on or want in life you will end up unfulfilled and lonely. The monetary reasons should be useful to the point of fulfilling your dreams and goals. It goes without saying that providing for your family is assumed. Making bank will help you live a full life but it wont be the ultimate catalyst of happiness.


The true measure of a man’s (or woman’s) worth is the legacy he leaves behind. It may not be in grand parks or buildings, or large corporations. It may just be a large network of people whose lives were forever changed by this person. Whatever your legacy, it is the most important part of the time you spend on earth. Do not only focus on the bubble around you, but also uplift and inspire the people who mean most to you. Once you find that the real gift of life is connection, the true journey begins. People will come to your aid eagerly. The world may not be changed but your network will be better off because of your existence.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


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