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Make Those Blog Posts Count!

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Who is your target audience? When are they on Twitter, Stumble, or Digg? These are things you need to know, why post a blog or tweet about something important when no one is looking?


Traffic generation from Twitter is best from 11am-5pm central time, as stated by many research sites, which conclude that it is because people are at work, slackers. In good sprit I suggest adding re-tweets as well as original content you have found from other blogs or websites. So you don’t seem like a self-promoting jerk.

From my experience my blog, on the other hand, gets the most hits from 3pm-6pm and 8pm-1am. This is strange I agree, I suppose my visitors check in before and after dinner? Maybe my blog is the dinner conversation, ah wishful thinking! I will take this knowledge I’ve gained from the friendly programmers at Google and adjust my tweet pattern you should do the same.

Facebook Fan Page

The Facebook phenomenon, you have a fan page, yay! So one strange thing, which I dislike about Facebook, is that the most traffic is late night 8pm to 11pm. What gives? I automated my Twitter with my Facebook and LinkedIn, but alas they have different traffic patterns. The best idea is to adjust; you want to show up on their news feeds don’t you.


Based on a research paper published by HP Social Computing lab, I guess people Digg things at the same time as they Tweet. The highest traffic is around weekday afternoons, during “work.” No surprises there but consider the way you get submitted, its one thing to submit yourself, woo-hoo, its another to get naturally discovered, your site is worth more to an algorithm if found by unique people. I know harsh, don’t cheat the system it will fight back and never put you in the rotation. You have been warned. I don’t know if there is a Digg “best practices” but you can link your blog or website in comments, as with any social tool, I recommend staying relevant to the topic discussed and providing good content or else its just spam.


So you’re creating a stumble account and stumbling your own posts? Not recommended. Apparently the SU algorithm tracks repeat postings, something I learned very recently. Well what can you do?!? Internet crawling has let me to believe that there are prolific users of stumble, unique and wonderful creatures called, cue god voice “Stumble Power Users.” What in gods name is that? It’s a stumbler who consistently writes detailed review while they thumbs up or down. Repeat, repeat, repeat and bam you’re a “Power User.”

The key is to find favor with these stumble gods, find them, network and ask them to check out your stuff! I know, more networking, get used to it.

Per the usual recommendation, its best to be stumbled during early morning and afternoon, does anyone actually do work?


My late night researching has led me to believe that sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are very powerful. The flipside is things like Digg and Stumble can create much more unique traffic for your site, utilize them well in combination with unique content and you will have a viral blog or website.

With all of this content squeezed into your brain, will you submit me to Digg and Stumble if you have a moment? J

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