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Live like we’re dying

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The easy way to make decisions is really a mindset that we should all carry with us. The ability to chose, to say yes or no, is one of the basic human rights. The real problem is when our introverted personalities, or fear of new things gets in the way of living a full life. I’m not saying we all have this problem, but there are always days when we pass on a golden opportunity to live like we we’re dying.

How do you do it?

Seems a little dramatic, but the truth is that we are only around for a finite period of time. Waiting for the right moment is not the answer, making the best of each moment should be the driving force behind each decision we make. Why not consider each decision with the mindset that we may not ever get a second chance.

Each time we have the opportunity to say yes or no, to attend or not, ask yourself if you could regret not going. Not if you “will” regret not going, if there is a chance that you could regret it. If there is a chance we should always answer “yes,” and make the best of each day, each opportunity.

The mindset is all around us…

There are many instances where this mindset is the premise of movies and music. Artists of all kinds try to remind us that we only get one shot at life. We should be constantly reminded simply because we each are constantly moving towards the end.

All right, that’s a little fatalistic but it’s the truth and this mindset guides my decision-making.

Consider some motivational material to change your mindset:

The Movie: “Yes Man” starring Jim Carry

This movie has a great message about embracing each opportunity, each experience and leading a life, which is lead by a passion for making the best of each moment.

The Song: “Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen

This upbeat song reminds us to never take our time for granted, do what you love and remind those who support you that they are important.

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