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The Past Should Stay the Past, Let what truly doesn’t matter, Slide.

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When you consider the worries encountered in life, how many of them represent something that you have no control over? How long do you dwell on the circumstances in life which cause pain, or difficulty, have you ever looked back and said; I’m glad I worried about that for so long?

I assume you haven’t, I think that you will find that once you push through the anxiety you find yourself saying “that wasn’t so bad.” The situations we find ourselves in are a direct reflection of the choices we previously made, right? Well we can’t go back in time and change our decision, unless you know something I don’t. One ability great leaders have is the clear perception of circumstances, the ability to let what doesn’t matter, slide. This doesn’t mean that you pretend it doesn’t exist; you focus your energies on decisions that you can control. Many times in business it is the company that reacts best to a situation, not the largest or most qualified, the one that realizes that the game has changed. They position themselves to react to what they cannot control rather than attempting to change the game they play.

Look around you, you can find more people than you have fingers worrying right now about a situation they cannot control. Why? We are conditioned by our parents to worry, the truly enlightened in this facet realize that there is no reason to lose sleep over the past or decisions that are not yours to make. Some times it is hard to let go, to let go of regret, the should haves, and could haves. Self-awareness is required; the key is to monitor your thoughts at all times. When you detect a hint of worry, which pertains to a circumstance, you cannot control, relax!

Happiness is a measure of the pleasure you derive from life, worry is not found in that equation. Life is not centered on success or failure; those with the best life experiences are the ones who are truly happy. Whatever drives happiness for each individual, worrying is the destructive force in the equation of life.

When you worry, remember your goals, ask do I want this. If you want to succeed direct all the energy towards completion of those goals, make your priority the decisions you have to make. Remember the motivation you had yesterday when you were grinding towards your dreams. Everything takes hard work, with small tweaks to your internal thinking you can change the way you affect the world around you. Double or triple your effectiveness, when all energy is focus there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Dive into your life and let what truly doesn’t matter, slide.

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