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Late Night Lifestyle!

Late night friends

In the spirit of the location of this post, Las Vegas, I feel that the late night lifestyle deserves some love. I’ve found that I am not alone in my innate ability to avoid sleep. I spend maybe six hours a day sleeping, during school my time is filled with huge amounts of work, which I finish in time to network late night. I find myself having to schedule my blog posts for the following day just so that it comes through the feeds at a relevant time. The online world functions at different hours than the working world. I find that I am least efficient during the early hours; I just want to relax, stay in bed. At night during the hours between 12 and 4am I find that I accomplish so much, I work on my blog posts construct websites, and enjoy the silence which is caused by the fact that most of the world is asleep.

My lifestyle is dictated by this strange feeling I get when I sleep, I am uncomfortable when others around me are awake. I feel as though I missing out on life, I never go to bed early, I hardly ever nap, I wake up before everyone. That is how I accomplish all of my work while not missing a minute of life as it swirls around me. As a young adult we find that as much as people hide their Facebook profiles we all know how our generation lives. Look at MTV one day, how many videos are about living like a rock star, party all day and night. Our generation is embracing this lifestyle more and more, I know countless people who live this lifestyle, work just to party. I wouldn’t recommend the party all day and night but our lives can be managed to the point where we can accomplish great things while “networking” with our close friends at our favorite hang out. And why not? We chose how to spend our waking moments; we should be living it up but responsibility of course, countless valuable connections have been made out living it up. Although that sounds hard to believe, I am a rather outgoing guy so I find it easy to meet new people and share stories.

The majority of those who don’t live the late night lifestyle would include the working world whose lives are dictated by the schedule set for by the bosses they serve, lets be honest? When have you stepped outside at 8am and seen huge masses of people having a blast, it doesn’t happen too often. What about 12 midnight? There is a lot to be said for that time, if it could talk it would have a lot to say.

One weekend, go out and live it up, you might find the craziness welcoming, or the silence a warm respite from the world when its awake.

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