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Knowing Who Matters

Life is a balancing act we all attempt to master, life vs. business as well as friendship vs. relationship. We can learn a lot from an analysis of our choices. Do we betray the trust given to us or do we embrace it and remain as loyal as a German shepherd? People trust us all the time, our business partners, our significant others, and especially our friends. They always get in to our business, they always care, and they never give up on us.

These important people form the foundation of our safety net; they protect and nurse our emotions. The question is do you return the favor, do you embody someone who they seek out for a helping hand, a comforting touch or an open ear. I like to think of myself as the open ear, offering sage advice and private council.

Reputation is everything, these personality traits are important indicators of character. Remember that personal recommendations are the most powerful introductions. Word of mouth in business is the same as word of mouth in life. When a friend introduces a new person to the group it is easy to understand why we drop our guard. The more credible a business associate, friend, or confidant you are, the more easily your network of relations will expand. We all understand the importance of networking but we have to remember the most important aspect of networking is the value we provide to that network.

In many instances people come and go, we all know who has been around for the long term and they should be rewarded by our upmost devotion. We should honor their wishes and build that relationship, and when the time comes for an introduction you will be first on their list.

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