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It’s Your Life

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Arguably we are all connected in one way or another depending on your chosen metaphysical belief. Thinking more along the lines of the butterfly wing beat proverb, we all have choices to make. Being freethinking creatures we all have our own path to explore and experience. Within this large breadth of existence we have the ability to plan and schedule our time. When we wake up, take lunch, exercise or relax. Although “freedom” is a given right we don’t always have absolute control. Each of our choices affects people directly and indirectly.

After school, career, and outside meetings have ravaged our day we find ourselves with the time that is within our “control.” During this time we have to prioritize our needs from eating to relaxing. Group work is becoming more and more a huge part of our lives. We need to cooperate and coordinate with many different schedules. Every time you choose a meeting time or set an important date, one of your group members may have to forego their favorite Yoga class.

Do your choices adversely affect other people?

Is your wake up time offensively late, which causes others to move back their days to accommodate you? Does your gym time interfere with a group mate’s dinnertime?

Do you selfishly schedule or do you selflessly schedule?

Of course we prioritize things like family over coworkers and important obligations over meeting times, but the truly synergistic group member finds the optimal concessions in terms of scheduling. When forced to choose a meeting time or take responsibility for a time sensitive task, ask yourself if your choice will affect others adversely. If it does, maybe waking up early is the answer to the issue, like afore mentioned.

Make the choice that will benefit others first, be flexible with your schedule and based on the rules of Karma it will be returned to you. Not only in the religious space but also in the personal branding arena, these choices reflect favorably on your character. You will become the go to group member, even be seen as a leader for finding the perfect scheduling balance. This is not an exercise in becoming a doormat; it is a group synergy exercise. When everyone thinks in this fashion, the group will operate at a more efficient rate.

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  1. Though provoking post, Brian. It's amazing to think that something as minute as the attitude you set your schedule with can drastically affect your personal brand in the long term (for better or for worse).

    Keep the content comin buddy!


  2. Brian Cox says:

    I'm glad you liked it, our preferences for the smallest choices are noticed by people who care to notice. I find it easiest to sense these habits when we study a person that is around us often. Give it a try, you can figure out if people selfishly plan or selflessly plan eventually.

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