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It’s the Little Things

Everything grand in life is an aggregation of something seemingly insignificant. Everything is a piece of a larger whole that makes up our reality. Although we don’t always see the connections some are easier to appreciate and apply than others.

Look at something as fundamental as our health. We are built of many systems controlled by our brain to facilitate our life. Each system could be further broken down, but that would take forever. Focusing on our general health, we could assume it is the aggregation of many factors such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise. If we wanted a very precise model we could consider things like stress or mood.

Consider the aggregate, one whole day. All of the behaviors, and subtle actions we make. Each time we choose a Coke over water, or another TV show instead of sleeping. One of the questions I hear most often concerns exercise advice, more specifically what can be done to combat gaining weight. I tell people one of the simplest steps is just switching to water. Consider that if you had just 3 Cokes a week, which is much less than average intake, you would be consuming 420 calories.

Without considering your normal metabolic rate this would take you about 45 minutes on a treadmill at 6 mph. 45 minutes is a formidable amount of time on a treadmill, barring your exercise habits, this switch to water would significantly help your body maintain a healthy weight and you’re not even going to the gym! I’m not picking on Coke because I think they are evil, it is actually my favorite carbonated beverage and happens to be one of the largest drink manufacturers. Sorry Coke.

From a business standpoint, we could apply this rule of aggregates to our productivity. All that time on Facebook and Twitter adds up. Although they are very powerful tools they also happen to be very distracting. Consider all the extra time spent on these tools, it may be helping, but used irresponsibly that time and effort could be applied to result producing activities.

Add up the minutes and it could change your life!

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