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It’s Out of My Hands

Stress is at the epicenter of many of our biggest productivity robbing pillars. We base our productivity on factors including mood, energy, and health. If any of these are out of balance we experience a decrease in our productivity. Remember a time of unusually productive circumstances, I would bet that none of them entailed a bad mood, low energy, and poor health.

Realizing the scope of our reach is one element of understanding our limits. By exploring the boundaries set by our reality we can then enter level of control over ourselves.


Our mood is not always dictated by the events, which populate our lives. We are always in control of our mood; moments exist when we realize that we are over reacting to a situation. These moments always occur, it is a matter of whether we take advantage of them or not. Events that have already taken place represent my favorite example. Here we have something, which has already taken its course, and it is within our power to control how we react to it.


Energy is not only dictated by our nutrition, but other factors such as sleep and exercise. This one happens to be the easiest to control, each part is directly within our control we just need to realize and prioritize them into our schedule.


Health is not as simple as the others but is the aggregate of the other pieces: stress, mood, and energy, all of the systems working in balance to create a productive environment. Realizing the limitations of our control can help us define what is truly worth our attention. It is not the event that already occurred; it is not the missed exercise session. It is the mood we let overtake us when the event happens or the next opportunity to exercise or catch up on sleep. Remember that worrying or stressing about a situation out of your control is fruitless.

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