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In Our Idle Moments

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The question is efficiency. Do we work best non-stop or do breaks provide the relief we need to pursue our intellectual and business goals. The short answer is that it depends on how you’re feeling right now. Is your mind a flutter of random activity refusing to keep its focus on the task at hand? Maybe you just cannot stop reminiscing about last night or last weekend, or maybe planning next weekend. On the other spectrum is your mind destroying your to-do with ruthless efficiency. Chances are if your mind is experiencing the latter, you aren’t reading this post. You’re tactically executing the tasks that are keeping you from the freedom to enjoy the rest of your day.

But if you have found a moment to read this post maybe a few tips to help collect yourself will come in handy.

1.      Lay off the coffee, Mr. Jitters. It may help you wake up but there are always diminishing returns, it might just be the force that is keeping your mind flipping channels like late night infomercials.

2.      Bring a snack to work. One thing that keeps us from focusing indefinitely is hunger; it is the enemy of productivity. That growling is not only a biological function, it is a distracter. So find a healthy snack and chomp away, then get back to work.

3.      Do a quick set of pushups. It sounds stupid but physical activity is a great motivator of the mind. It stimulates, awakens, and focuses your mind at the task at hand. Do them in jeans. Do them in a tie. Do them at work or home. Just do them. Can’t do a push-up? Try a sit-up or a squat!

4.      Change locations. If the sunny weather outside your window prevents you from getting work done, grab a chair in a quiet spot overlooking your great office carpet, or a place with a great view of a soothing wall. Sounds boring but how can you be distracted by a wall.

5.      Close those damn windows. Not the ones that provide the great view but the ones on your computer screen with the flashing banner ads and pretty girls/guys. Those extra windows, that blinking chat window and Facebook don’t add any value to the screen when you’re distracted and attempting to accomplish something. Close them and have a Zen moment of focus with your trusty companion, your computer!

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