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Alarm Clock

Before we reached into the new decade of 2010, my life had much more structure. Maybe less balance but productivity was at all time highs. I find myself at a crossroads. The ability to do what I want when I want is nice but I have paid for this privilege with productivity. Without a set schedule every day there is room for procrastination, sleeping in and just general sloth. Basically the way my schedule remains currently the amount of free time seems endless. It requires considerable will power to remain on track.

In reality we are all captains of our ship, even if we work for a corporation, we still choose what we do with our free time. This reflection comes at a most important time. The ability to evaluate the current situation is a powerful skill. Recognizing our flaws and committing to the solution of them is a rare higher brain function.

The term “drone” is common for worker bees who are commanded by a higher power and satisfied to do what they are told, or remain in their repetitive routine til death. I find this horrifying, although the sheer freedom of some schedules is enough to send some humans into a tailspin of deteriorating productivity.

The happy medium I’ve found is the passion to create and pursue what makes you truly happy, it wakes you up in the morning. Routine is a necessary evil; although we can always explore new options, something should always wake you up in the morning. Commit to a concrete wake up time, set your Smart phone, your alarm clock, whatever you use to the same time every day, no matter what day it is. No matter how many hours you sleep at night, the ability to get out of bed is the first battle we wage everyday against procrastination, it determines the mood we are in for the rest of the day.

The goal is to create the ability to start your day consistently without fail. What you do with that day is in your hands but the point of getting up consistently is to train your mind and body to know that it is time to start. By sleeping past the alarm we set, we are subconsciously condoning a form of procrastination, which can creep into other facets of our lives. Every hour we miss sleeping in is another hour you will not get back, for friends, business, or life.

Jump out of bed and start your hustle, whether that is the morning commute or the beginnings of a day at your entrepreneurial venture. It all starts with this first push of personal will power to start the day.

“When the sun comes up

I’ll be there to say what up,

in the morning.”

Kid Cudi

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  1. [...] Facing opportunity is hard but each time we choose our personal growth or progression we make the correct choice for the battle of the day. Each morning, my hardest battle is leaving my warm bed; I imagine this is an uphill battle for most people. I feel that I am working to fix this example of procrastination by working each day to wake up at the same time (Check out this related blog post: “Routine, Friend or Foe”). [...]

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