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Finding your personal catalyst

Multiple opportunities present themselves to build upon our experiences in life and not everyone has the ability to embrace it. Those who can take charge and seize the moment of opportunity inspire us all. We want to be like them but we are unsure as to how to achieve that level of confidence. Maybe we believe that our personalities are not cut out for that sort of initiative but I believe that with a little bit of self-discipline we can all achieve a level of spontaneity.

One of the easiest ways to cultivate this characteristic is by learning from a professional. Just as we intern with companies or job shadow, we can learn from our more spontaneous friends. This is more difficult than it sounds, with spontaneity comes elusiveness. They are always on the go, moving from one exciting venue to the next. The habit that helped me the most when I was working on my own spontaneity was to get my work done early so that when my professional opportunity seeker called I would always be available.

We all posess some measure of a wild streak, whether we allow ourselves to be dragged onto the dance floor or whether we’re up for a spur of the moment weekend road trip. One sure killer of an interesting and well lived life is a set schedule, repetition and the hated rut we sometimes fall into. Remember that our lives are constantly being written one moment at a time. One of my favorite quotes:

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.

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