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Who are you? The inspired, problem solving task destroyer or the “what can be done today can be done tomorrow” kind of person. Although most people are categorized as one or the other, I would argue that the latter just hasn’t discovered their passion.

Exhibit A: One of my best friends is an average student; somehow he is graduating although he never seems to attend class or complete homework. Most would categorize him as a procrastinator, right? Well I believe that he is very talented but at the moment he is forced to focus on a topic, e.g. school, which is not his passion. Why would I say he is talented? Maybe he chose the wrong school but give this guy a microphone and he will sing and rap until it crumbles from the vibration of his voice. He will sit in his room alone or with friends writing hundreds, maybe thousands of versus. He knows what his true passion is.

Measure him by the work he produces for his passion, which is music, and you would see that he is “the inspired, problem solving task destroyer.”

Exhibit B: Measured by test scores he is average at best, but measured by drive and ability he is first rate. Give him a task such as an assigned paper or project and he will not complete it until it is pushed as far down the road as possible. Show him a blog that will inspire him and improve his quality of life and he will listen to one and a half hour long podcasts, or read blog posts thousands of pages long. Or impress him with a movie idea and he will run with it until his lungs collapse. He knows what his true passion is.

Life is a matter of perspective and relativity. You may be accomplishing a large list of tasks. You may be inspired and hard working, but are you working for the right reasons? Do you have a long-term goal, if I asked what your true passion is; would you have a ready answer?

Variety is not the spice of life. Variety? You will find all the variety and spice bundled up in your passion. Finding and pursuing your true passion is the spice of life.

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