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Finding Your Passion In School, Your Personal Evolution

Million Dollar Box Truck

“I think I want to be a hedge fund manager.” These were the words that led me to business school. Before the utterance of these words to my mother, I wandered through high school like many of my friends. No interesting cocktail stories of a passionate startup at the age of 18, although there were many good times. Did you know that most hedge fund managers are applied mathematics majors, cause I didn’t. Strike one. On the other hand this decision led me to Bryant University, a decision I cannot regret. I made great friends and had a good time. But that isn’t what college is for, or so we are led to believe by our parents. We are supposed to study hard and get a job. That’s it. I wonder what the rest of the jobless seniors are planning for summer 2010.

Each of us has a unique moment of enlightenment, that “aha” moment that sets in motions the motivation to pursue a path in life. Our family, friends and circumstances shape us constantly. I’ve fallen in with a particularly entrepreneurial group, for a long time I’ve known that I have the drive to run and create my own business. I can create my own story, not be a cog is a massive machine. Patrick Sargent my business partner and one of my most trusted confidants has been invaluable in the evolution of my psyche. We are a canvas that is constantly changing; so many people are close-minded to change. They reject change like an infectious disease. We should strive to change as many times as necessary to find happiness, and college is the perfect time for this “evolution.”

Million Dollar Box Truck

What has this evolution set in motion for me? (Read by Morgan Freeman, monologue style) Picture this, a park, New York’s Central Park, the perfect venue for the best night of your life. Imagine a box truck, like one you’ve never seen before, a piece of art, surrounded by a waist high fence and security guards, outfitted with enough lights and speakers to be seen from space. Around this fence shoulder to shoulder, New York’s most passionate music fans. They have gathered for the most epic day and night of music New York has ever seen, featuring up and coming artists as well as musical royalty. This is the Penultimate seen for the box truck, after this legendary concert the box truck hits the road to share its story with young new entrepreneurs.

Regress to the beginning, two entrepreneurs set out to make history in the marketing profession. Start a company; build it from nothing into one million in ad revenue in 100 days. “100 days to 1 million dollars.” Using passion and hustle they sell ad space on this mobile work of art to companies looking to be part of a story that will awe and inspire.

Sound interesting? For more information click the link and follow our journey (Twitter).

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